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Colors: windows, doors, roof

The framers have left for two to three weeks to frame another job. The roofers should start this week. The roofing material was delivered this morning. Please keep in mind that, because of hard-to-control variables having to do with the camera and with different computer monitors, the hues you see in these photos are at best approximate.

Most of the windows have been installed. However, the bedroom windows, including the gothic window, have not yet been delivered from Andersen.

When the framers return, they’ll put the siding on the house and build the porches and deck. At that point — three to four weeks away — the exterior of the house will be done.

By the way, the windows and doors in these photos are made by Vetter, and they’re top of the line. The building supply company had them left over from a canceled job, and the contractor got me a great deal on them. The house is small, but it has 21 windows and four doors, counting the basement door. Grappling with the window budget was one of my biggest problems.

The Vetter doors have four hinges and three latch points. Nice doors.





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