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October reading


I’m afraid that this book may make some pretty scary reading in the weeks before this election. But many other Americans will be reading this book right now, and we might as well band together for mutual support and discussion.

The photograph, by the way, was taken in the rubble of a textile mill in Madison-Mayodan, North Carolina, shortly after I picked up the book at the post office.

From the introduction:

“We Germans were liberated from Hitler, but we’ll never shake him off,” Eberhard Jäckel concluded in a lecture in 1979, adding: “Hitler will always be with us, with those who survived, those who came afterwards and even those yet to be born. He is present — not as a living figure, but as an eternal cautionary monument to what human beings are capable of.”


  1. DCS wrote:

    Reminded me of a must-read piece by Rick Perlstein, the most perceptive chronicler of the political Right, that ran a while back on Salon.

    Second sentence: “His ex-wife Ivana once claimed he kept a volume of Hitler’s collected speeches in a cabinet by his bed, and read from time to time the fuhrer’s vision of human life as a pitiless war of all against all.”

    Link to the whole thing:


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  2. DCS wrote:

    Burr v. Ross

    By the way, the polling is all of the Senate race is all over the map, with some polls showing a huge lead for Burr, others showing a huge lead for Ross and most showing it too close to call.

    RealClearPolitics round-up of polls here:


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  3. DCS wrote:

    My God, Hell is freezing and pigs are flying when I agree with Glenn Beck. Isn’t it fascinating that he of all people would go on “Meet the Press” today and agree with Michael Moore about the rise of neo-Nazism in America? The world is upside down.


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