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Winter pesto with foraged chickweed

I finally remembered to use some of the chickweed that is growing so abundantly in the backyard and orchard right now. Mixed about half and half with fresh cilantro, it made a fine pesto as a dressing for avocado. The chickens love the chickweed, by the way, and we get the benefit of the chickweed indirectly in egg yolks that are as golden as springtime eggs, but in December.

The rest of this breakfast was organic yellow grits, bought in bulk at Whole Foods and drenched with garlic butter, and an abbey-laid egg fried in garlic butter.

The cookie is from a New York Times recipe, Tahini Shortbread Cookies. I substituted stone-ground whole wheat flour for most of the flour, and I substituted walnut oil for part of the butter. Next time I think I’ll add a little almond extract and some chopped pecans. The cookies have a delicate sandy texture and are great with tea.

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