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Another bright spot in North Carolina

Michael Morgan at our county convention last April

Michael R. Morgan, a Democrat, was sworn in today as associate justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. In the November election, Morgan ousted a Republican incumbent on the court, which means that Democrats now have a 4-3 majority on the state supreme court. After the November election, North Carolina now has a Democratic governor and a Democratic state attorney general as well. Right-wing Republicans still hold a “super majority” in the state legislature, but Democrats are now in an unexpectedly strong position to resist the right-wing ruin of the once progressive Southern state of North Carolina.

Morgan’s election was amusing, really. The election for the state supreme court is non-partisan, so there is no (R) or (D) party indicator beside the candidates’ names. Racist Republicans simply failed to get the word out that Morgan is both black and a Democrat. But we Democrats got the word out.

Courts have stepped in again and again to block the radical and unconstitutional actions of North Carolina’s radical legislature. The only reason Republicans can hold a super majority in the legislature is because of shameless (and racist) gerrymandering of the legislative districts. A court has ordered redistricting and a new election this year. That ruling has been challenged, but Democrats are preparing for the election and salivating at the opportunity to throw still more of the right-wing radicals out of office.

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