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More Buffalo China

This blog gets a lot of visits from people who are interested in the history of Buffalo China. I would collect Buffalo china if I had anywhere to put it, but as things are I’ve collected only enough Buffalo china for the table, and no more than will fit in the kitchen cabinets.

But recently, while searching on eBay for more green-stripe cereal bowls (of which I have only four and need more), I came across an item that I had never seen before — cups and saucers with a dogwood pattern.

The seller, who is in Lenoir, North Carolina, said that the cups and saucers were from an old hotel in Lenoir, the Carlheim Hotel, which was torn down in, I believe, 1971. I don’t know for a fact that this china came from the Carlheim Hotel, but it seems very likely. Partly this is because the china did indeed come from Lenoir, and partly because dogwood is the state flower of North Carolina (as well as Virginia). It seems unlikely that Buffalo China would sell much of the dogwood pattern outside of North Carolina and Virginia. So I’m guessing that the dogwood pattern may have been custom china made for the Carlheim Hotel.

The china appears to be brand new. This stuff and its quality always amazes me.

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