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Local sweets


By far, the most royal of all the local sweets is the sourwood honey from the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s a light-colored honey, delicate and floral. There must be rules about what can and cannot be properly called sourwood honey. Though the honey in the photo above is not labeled “sourwood,” the color and flavor are that of sourwood honey, though pure sourwood honey is probably a little lighter in color. A year ago it was selling for about $7.50 a quart. Lately it has been $9.69 at a little market in Walnut Cove.

The market also sells fruit preserves that are made without sugar. The strawberry and blackberry preserves are particularly fine. The ingredients are listed as fruit, grape juice, cider, and spices. The strawberry preserves sell for $5.99 a pint. The blackberry preserves cost about a dollar more.

Sourwood honey is incredibly good with hot buttered biscuits. And it’s great for dulcifying one’s herb tea.

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  1. Jean wrote:

    Hi, David. My mom mails me sourwood honey from time to time here in New Mexico. Good stuff. Hers is from Wilkes and Watauga.
    It’s nice to find you! Amy helped.
    Jean M.

    Thursday, February 19, 2009 at 3:20 pm | Permalink

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