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Healthy gravy

Cashew gravy

Gravy is one of my favorite comfort foods, but it’s a sin — all that fat and carb. I’ve rediscovered Rosalie Hurd’s cashew gravy from the Ten Talents cookbook. It’s based on cashew nuts whizzed in a blender with liquid. The cashews thicken the gravy when it starts to boil, just like flour. I use soy milk instead of water to make the gravy richer and boost the protein.

I don’t think this gravy would work very well for something like biscuits and gravy (one of my favorite comfort foods). But it’s great as a sauce for things like basmati rice. Make a lot and use the leftover in casseroles of the type that call for canned cream of mushroom soup.

You can also used blanched almonds. Cashews and almonds, by the way, are the least expensive nuts right now at Whole Foods. The price of walnuts has jumped all of a sudden.

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