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Vegan green bean casserole


While watching the ABC Evening News (not one of my normal news sources), I saw a commercial for green bean casserole. Once you get something like that in your head, you’ve got to have it.

I wanted to make a high-protein, reasonably low fat, vegan version. I just happened to have some leftover cashew gravy. To the gravy I also added a smooth sauce made from sesame tahini and ground roasted pumpkin seeds. I mixed in some cubed tofu. So the sauce contained nuts, seeds, and legumes. There’s a lot of sautéed onion, of course. The bread crumbs came from the last remaining slice of a loaf of sprouted wheat bread. The green beans were frozen.

If you do a quick survey online of recipes for green bean casserole, what you’ll find is pretty terrifying — heart-stopping mixtures of salt and fat. I’ve never met a traditional dish that couldn’t be greatly improved with good ingredients and some imagination.

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