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Mr. Fox

Exposure: 3 seconds, f/3.8, ISO 800

About 9:45 p.m. this evening, I was lying on the bed reading, with Lily. Suddenly Lily, who was looking out the window, started growling. I had no idea what she saw, but the growl was kind of spooky, expressing deep hatred and familiarity. She jumped off the bed and ran downstairs.

One of the things I did when I overwired my house (there is well over a mile of electrical wiring in my house) was to put a switch beside my bed for all the outdoor floodlights. There are two floodlights on each corner of the house, giving 360-degree lighting. I quickly flicked on the floodlights. Above the day lily bank, clearly hunting for voles (an activity of which I highly approve), was Mr. Fox. I’ve known since last winter that I have a fox as a neighbor. Ken found its den about 75 yards below the house and even left food for it during the winter.

Mr. Fox seemed to totally ignore the floodlights. I grabbed the camera. There was simply no way to get a good photo. There was too little light, especially for my telephoto lens, and the camera had to use exposures of up to 3 seconds, making blur impossible to avoid. There was no time to go get the tripod. I had to do the best I could with my elbows propped on a table near the window.

I hope there will be other opportunities to photograph Mr. Fox. He (or she) is incredibly cute. And he can have all the voles he can eat.

Exposure: 1.5 seconds, f/3.8, ISO 800

I took the photos out this window, but well after dark.

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