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Garden strategy

Sunday morning I pulled up all the defunct members of the cabbage family — broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage — and threw the carcasses onto a pile for composting. I left a few cabbages that might revive enough to be eaten. I got caught up on the hoeing and weeding. Every little bit helps when it comes to saving water. Not that many weeds had grown in the dry weather.

Late Sunday afternoon, about .3 inch of rain fell. In a way, that’s pathetic, because it’s all I’ve had in three weeks. But it was definitely enough to refresh the garden and help me hold out until the next rain.

These poor cabbages won’t be perfect, but I think they’ll be edible.

With the celery refreshed by the rain, I’ll pull it all within the next two days.

The high summer vegetables — tomatoes, squash, corn, beans, pumpkin, watermelon, and canteloupe — are holding up well, though the tomatoes show signs of stress.

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