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Eaves and dormers

These two photos were taken about half an hour before quitting time. The framers should finish up today with those pesky flared eaves on all sides of the house.

The front dormer is partly framed. The side dormer remains for tomorrow.

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  1. L R wrote:

    I love the house design! I stumbled across this page while searching for “tudor curved roof”. I’m hoping to build a playhouse for our 4 boys and I am inspired by the design of your house. Now of course, it wouldn’t be nearly the size of your actual house but I’m thinking I’d like to try and replicate the ratio of your roof pitch and curvature at the bottom. Do you have actual dimensions available that you could share with me? Or perhaps old blue print drawings? I would have to scale down the dimensions proportionally for a playhouse. If you are willing and able to share this information, I would be thrilled. If you can’t, I will probably try to make a guess on the dimensions from the photos and go from there. Please contact me at the email listed with this comment. Thank you!

    Friday, March 25, 2016 at 4:38 pm | Permalink

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