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More interior framing

The roof is framed and felted now, except that there’s not yet a roof on the two dormers. It rained for part of the day, so the framers focused on interior framing. It’s a little difficult to explain the photo above. In this photo, I’m standing in the second-floor bedroom and looking up toward the left-wing attic and the top of the living room. That looks like a railing on the left, but it’s actually part of the attic framing. The ceiling over the radio room is a standard eight feet high, with a very large attic above it. The ceiling over the upstairs bedroom, however, is 11’8″ high and is at the same altitude as the living room ceiling. To get from the left-wing attic to the right-wing attic, there will need to be steps 3’8″ high because the ceilings change levels. The metal scaffold in the photo is sitting on the joists of the living room ceiling, 21 feet above the living room floor.

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