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Cat pictures

The Princess Lily state — L’├ętat, c’est moi.

What’s the matter? Don’t all y’all get enough cat pictures? The Internet is flooded with cat pictures, but people keep asking me for cat pictures. This is Lily at four months old. I have been calling her Princess Lily. She was found in the woods, scrawny and pathetic, but now she thinks she owns the world and that, at four pounds, she can tell the world what to do. Oh well. I tried to raise her to be confident.

She has four states. Asleep, run wild, the Princess Lily state, and the state of indignant that I won’t immediately grant her wishes. Who knows. By the time she grows up we may discover a fourth or fifth state. That wouldn’t surprise me, because she is very smart and can predict my behavior as easily as my old colleagues back at the San Francisco Chronicle.

The run wild state

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