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Two Souths, two versions of pancakes

Lise’s French version

I’ve been having a discussion on-line with a friend in the south of France about the local in-season fruits and what to do with them. Lise sent a photo of a French version of apple pancakes with apples. Isn’t that so French, a tall stack of tiny pancakes with the edges perfectly browned? Whereas my American version takes time only for three middle-size pancakes, not so perfectly browned.

Lise was taunting me about the abundance of figs in the south of France. We don’t grow them here (as far as I know). Since my attempt to send by email a photo of an American persimmon tree failed, I’ll post it here and wonder whether they have persimmons in the south of France…

Humble Stokes County apples from the Danbury farmer’s market

My American version

American persimmon — Wikipedia

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