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Update, Sept. 29

We’ve had more than two inches of rain here in the last week. It was the remnants of a tropical storm that came in from the southeast off the Atlantic. It came down slowly, and it soaked into the ground instead of running off. As a consequence of the rain, work has been on hold. A large load of gravel arrived today for the foundation drain system. I believe it’s called “French drain.” I have no idea what’s French about it, but it should do a good job of protecting my foundation and keeping it dry.

The day lilies loved the rain. The grass and clover I planted last week is germinating profusely. The new grass and clover is too tiny for my camera to photograph.

It continues to amaze me the resources nature has for holding onto, and creating, soil, as long as there’s some light, some water, and some nutrients. This fast-running weed seems to particularly like stony ditch areas. This is brilliant, because plants without runners would wash out before they get a strong purchase. There’s something for every niche. I have no idea how the seeds arrive to give these things a start.

Speaking of Lilies, this one is growing too. She weighed 6.2 pounds when she went to get her shots last week. She’s four months old now. The state she is in here is deceptive. She is not in a stop state. It is more a recoil state, because in just a few seconds she will spring up and storm down the hall. And speaking of French, she has learned to say, “Je suis terriblement mignon, non?”

Oui. Insupportablement.

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