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Roofing, Day 1 (of 2?)

There was quite a large crew working today, and a lot got done. I should have charged for parking. Here they are roofing the uphill face.

The two custom-made windows were delivered today. I believe the shape is a trapezoid. These two windows are part of the symmetrical window assembly of four windows that flank the fireplace in the living room. The windows in the living room will reach almost to the full height of the living room — 21 feet.

French drain is not very photogenic, but it’s very important. It’s a perforated pipe embedded in gravel and covered with a filter screen. There are, I believe, seven tons of gravel in the drain system. Very nice.

A half profile with the uphill face roofed.

Half profile from the downhill angle.

Roofing around, and flashing, the dormers took some time.

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